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Belleville Rendezvous

Let me just start off by thanking Kelly for adding 6 mix cds of her music to my itunes. It is currently being throughly enjoyed.

I signed up for The Hills yesterday morning and Laura and I are going to be work out buddies. oh yes. It will be good.

So Kelly and I finally went through with our plans for a spa day yesterday. It was comprised of a trip to Victoria's Secret (I bought a gorgeous black lacy bra (allie has it in hot pink)). Then we headed to Buckle (Hahaha Kelly...don't pretend like you actually like the clothes...ummmm). Next stop was Nordstroms for some shoe/clothing shopping and Kelly bought an awesome ($116) designer shirt. Forgive me Kelly, it is late and I can't remember the name. I'll fix that later. This was directly followed by "the usual" at the Bistro.

OH YEAH. While we were on the escalator going up to Nordstroms, these two guys were in front of us and one turns around and says "Are you two related?" We were like (sketchy) "No, we're not." He says "Oh because we thought that you [Kelly] look like her [Paige] mom." Thanks but no. And then he turns it like into a pickup line and says "So what school do ya'll go to?" Westlake. "Oh cool, what grade?" Sophmores. "Oh me too." Okay bye.


So we came home and watched Dangerous Lifes of the Alter Boys. (Sha? ..Sha..).
It was good but v. v. sad. Then we finally decided to "de-sha". Im glad that made sense and all.

Woke up. Decided to start diets. Ate healthy breakfast. Blew it at lunch on half of a grilled cheese. Which actually isn't that bad. But we had tortillas at dinner. (Slaps self).

Hahah Kelly I love you. We tried.

So Daniel and Evan call at like noon and were like "okay we're coming over."
Took 5 minute showers and were completely ready in 10 minutes. Beastly. So then we played Baccee Ball (spelling?) and Evan won. I think I got second. Not sure.

Then we danced to Daniel's (clubbing and chick dance) ringtones while standing on the sinking Baccee balls in the backyard before Daniel and Evan busted out in the "boat boat nani nani" song. It was definitely brilliance.

So then we had lunch together and that was fun because there was much guitar playing (sadly, I could not join in because I only know one chord well).

Then Daniel had to leave and Evan, Kelly, and I spent roughly 2 hours laying on my bed just soaking in the beatles, bob dylan, and some tori amos. mm yes haven't just layed there for a while.

Mk so then Evan left to go to a wedding and Kelly and I made dinner before going to Dylans with Blake, Sumi, Will, and Dylan's little brother, of course.
We couldn't find anything to do so we drove around until we ended up at Sonic. Back to Dylan's house to "hottub" which turned into laying on dylans (amazing, astoundingly comforatable) bed. Well Blake and I kinda took up most of it haha pwinned. So that was good.

I still have Sunday to look forward to. More hanging out with Blake hopefully.

^How do you spell that? Well its an awesome "daniel" word.

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