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Cranberry sauce

Happy Thanksgiving all!

We left around 10am to go out to Leander to my Aunt & Uncle's house for Thanksgiving and WOW the food was amazing. I feel so thankful/lucky that I'm able to have a good thanksgiving. When I was making the fruit salad I was thinking "There are homeless people I wish I could give this to". Hmmm

My cousin's little 16 week old pug puppy was there and OH MAN adorable. Her name is Tricksy and she slept in my lap for like 30 minutes... and I kinda fell asleep too and she woke me up by licking my ear and nuzzling into my neck. Aww.

Allie called me while she was finishing up snowboarding on the slopes in Colorado. Guess what super-cool thing I was doing while she was out there? I was losing at a fierce game of dominos against my aunt and cousins....

wow cool.

i also finished a whole book today. Because I didn't feel like watching football without Blake there to narrate for me. I'm still working on the whole "understanding the game" thing.

SO Laura needs to come back in town. I miss her.

okay we have 3 more days be happy.

Im joining The Hills tomorrow. Good things. Laura's joining too so we can workout together during the week and do Yoga and swim and run and tone. Im very excited. Dylan goes there too so perhaps we'll see him swimming races against 11 year olds or something like that.

Okay Im gonna go watch a special on Leonardo DiVinci that's on the science channel. aweosme.

Spa day tomorrow Kelly. It must be.

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