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Hm this is fun.

I just went to post a comment on a friends blog and remembered my LJ...I think the previous post is kind of an awkward place to leave off, so I feel compelled to write another entry...3 years later. Life is so cool. I can't wait to read back through these posts some day. I mean, I'm about to graze over them and I'm sure it will be strange, but even more so 10 years down the road from now. I love coming home and having my high school and middle school friends around me because it reminds me about the parts of myself that have escaped in the transition to college and growing up. Here's a fun story: I went to Luby's for luch with my mom today, where the following conversation went down...
Me: I'll have brocolli and spinach on the side, please.
Old man: My, you're a healthy one!
Mom: (Laughs) Yeah, she's been getting the same meal here since she was three. She's all grown up now.
Old man: Oh old is she? Like ten?
Me: Awkward confusion laugh.


Me: Mom...did he really think I was 10? That's kind of an all time low for me.
Mom: No! It was a joke. I think.

Good times.
Note to future self: Favorite Luby's meal = Baked white fish (scrape mayo topping off though. Forever yuck.) + spinach + brocolli or mac&cheese depending on the day + fruit salad (kinda too sweet though...maybe melon next time) + jello or lemon meringue pie depending on the day +wheat roll (but only because it comes with Lu Anne platter. Bread is so/so) = perfection.

That was detailed.

Okayyy that was fun!
Life Laugh Love.
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